What’s in it for you? Platform economics

Prologue’s proven platform solution maps the entire core logistics process online – and provides maximum transparency along the entire supply chain.

Customers and markets

Partnering with Prologue is in the interest of any company with an annual logistics volume of about 1,000 sea freight containers or more. But we also offer special solutions for smaller volumes.

Our customers include companies from the wholesale and retail trade in various industries, such as electronics, cosmetics, furniture, footwear, and clothing – but also mechanical engineering or the electrical industry.

What’s in it for you?

Partnering with Prologue offers you not only noticeable but also measurable added value. You benefit from various factors that have a significant and lasting positive impact on your logistics processes and logistics costs, both separately and collectively.

Our ultimate goal is to develop the best possible logistics solution for every customer. The most important prerequisites for doing so are flexibility in implementing your individual requirements and neutrality in selecting the involved process partners and system suppliers.

Our platform approach always offers several options for each individual subsector along the supply chain, guaranteeing you maximum design and decision-making flexibility.

Reliable scheduling: Through years of reliable partnering, we have exclusive direct customer status at shipping companies and can pass the associated benefits, such as prioritized handling, directly on to our customers.

Reliable pricing: We agree on fixed terms for an entire year and pass these fixed prices on to our customers in a completely transparent manner – no surprises or variations.

Prologue draws on expertise from more than 20 years of experience in the international trade and logistics market to develop your individual logistics solution. You benefit from an established international network of personal contacts, in-depth market knowledge, and the specialist expertise of all the participating system partners.

This bundled vertical know-how along the entire supply chain allows us to create short-term solutions as well as generate sustainable added value.

In-house logistics partner: EURASIA

EURASIA Global Concept is a subsidiary and “in-house handling agent” of PROLOGUE for small and medium-sized customers. EURASIA Global Services is the “control tower” for all operations in the Far East.
The logistics experts for Asia and Europe are present on both continents and specialized in individual processes and customized services along the entire supply chain. Hand in hand, we develop your individual and optimal logistics solution based on a common overall perspective.

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Our system partners

Reliable partners are essential for successful and sustainable logistics solutions. That is why we rely on the long-standing collaboration with renowned specialists and experts who share our quality standards and our values. This common foundation is the best prerequisite for value-driven teamwork – our top priority being that you achieve success.

Our proven system partner Setlog offers OSCA, a powerful supply chain management software for complex requirements. Use it to easily and efficiently organize your supply chain, control your suppliers and service providers, track and manage shipping documents, shipment details, shipping instructions, and use Track & Trace functions.

Simple and trouble-free networking with other existing systems prevents media disruptions and achieves maximum efficiency: Single entry instead of multiple ones, transparency instead of information silos.

OSCA can, of course, be connected to our BuyCo platform solution, or it can be used independently. Because one of our maxims is that there are no limits to platform economics – together, we will develop the best solution for you.

limbiq is the optimal supply chain management platform for basic logistical requirements. This proven and reliable software allows you to organize your entire supply chain on a central web platform clearly and conveniently.

limbiq’s claim is a low-threshold entry into supply chain management. Import the Excel list you currently use to control your shipments and simply continue working with limbiq. Invite your suppliers and service providers to work with you on the platform.

The browser-based nature of the platform ensures maximum compatibility with other software systems, including our BuyCo platform solution.

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We determine the optimal solution and the most efficient approach for your logistics requirements based on your individual needs. The best basis for this is a personal presentation meeting where you can get to know us better, and we can understand exactly which factors are decisive for your business model.
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Leading logistics solutions – Prologue 4PL

Prologue designs, structures and optimizes the entire supply chain for corporate customers, including all management and organizational processes.

We see ourselves as an independent supply chain integrator that centrally manages and optimizes all service partners, as well as the flow of information. Our focus is on a sustainable, consulting-based medium- to long-term view of total logistics costs.

The annual savings potential can be between 20% and 30% – with maximum cost transparency and planning reliability. As our customer, you benefit in particular from exclusive advantages and conditions at shipping companies due to our direct customer status.

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