2021-02-11 |

Investing in the future: Prologue participates in Flowfox

As a leading innovation in the field of 4PL logistics, Prologue is always open to working with new partners and interested in promoting future-oriented business models. This philosophy is supported by Prologue’s participation as a lead investor in the start-up company Flowfox.

Flowfox was founded in September 2019 by Patrick Pehmöller and Moritz Dassing. The company is developing a platform to accelerate the processes surrounding container clearance. The company founders describe their approach as follows:

“Our mission is to set new standards for the container shipping industry by enabling shipping companies to automate the import process and allow carriers to obtain their clearance in real time,” Patrick Pehmöller explains.

Flowfox currently employs eight people, is on the verge of the pilot phase, and is conducting advanced negotiations with several shipping companies. The platform is planned to launch this year.

For more information, please visit: www.flowfox.com


Prologue Solutions CEO Patrick Merkel sees enormous potential in partnerships and comments on the motivation to participate in Flowfox as follows: 

“Digitalization in logistics, but especially in shipping, lags far behind in comparison to other industries. Manufacturing industry 4.0 is in full bloom, while today’s shipping industry has not experienced a revolution since the container was invented. Shipping industry 2.0 would be an industry with new and revolutionary standards in data exchange and digital workflow automation, similar to the second industrial revolution in the 1930s driven by standardization, unleashing unimagined possibilities. We believe that Flowfox technology will make an important contribution to this overdue development in the shipping industry by allowing shipping companies to set new standards and automate their business over the last mile in a revolutionary way.”

Source: 2020/02, Prologue Solutions GmbH.

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